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Compliance Audits

Operator Licence Compliance Audits

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A resource dedicated to the needs of operators seeking professional cost-effective auditing services for their goods and passenger vehicle transport systems.

Increasingly, Traffic Commissioners are directing operators to undergo comprehensive audits as part of the decisions or conditions imposed following Public Inquiries.

Often viewed as a method of sanctioning on a positive note it is undoubtably an effective way to monitor ongoing compliance.

An audit is certainly worthwhile, not only in terms of providing assurance to the Traffic Commissioners, but also for the operator to discover their own areas of weakness and which may expose potential opportunities, if the issues are tackled in a timely manner.

We have discovered that audits, when conducted by suitably qualified and experienced practitioners, almost always yield real tangible dividends for an operator, regardless of the size of fleet.

Contact us today, if you have any concerns whatsoever about your compliance with the Operator Licence conditions, or indeed, if you believe improvements can be made to your current systems and procedures.

If it’s already too late and you have received a Public Inquiry call-up letter do not delay, call 0800 998 9126 or visit and we will help you prepare your defence.