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Standard National Operators Licence Application
O Licence for Domestic Haulage and Transport Companies

If you’re transporting goods for third parties throughout the UK (but not overseas), you need a standard national operator’s licence.
With a standard national operator’s licence not only can you can carry your own goods within the UK and Europe, you can also carry third party goods on a ‘hire and reward’ basis throughout the UK.
Put simply – this is the licence you need if your business transports other people’s products. in the UK.
If you’re delivering goods on a ‘hire and reward’ basis across Europe, you’ll need an international operator’s licence. 

Who Uses a Standard National Operator’s Licence?

Any business that charges people to move their goods around the UK, needs a standard national operator’s licence. Know this too – you will need it overseen by a professional transport manager.

Apply Now – Fixed Fee O Licence Application Package for Just £249

Our £249 standard national operator’s licence package will help you to apply for your O licence quickly and successfully. We’ll make sure your application is right first time.

This package includes:

A full, private consultation

We’ll discuss the applications process, the impact it will have on your business, and explain some of the questions the Traffic Commission will ask. As part of this consultation it’s important that we have a confidential discussion about the ownership and management of your business, previous licences you’ve held, and any past prosecutions or bankruptcies. We’ll also go through your business processes to see whether you need a freelance transport manager.

Completion of the GV79 application form

Ensuring that your paperwork is in order is the key to a successful application. We’ll make sure that all of the necessary documents are present and correct, and that your application contains the necessary maintenance agreement, operation centre usage consent letter and public notice.

Completion of the TM1 application form

This type of O licence requires you to have an internal or external nationally qualified transport manager (don’t worry – we can help).  Because your transport manager will be responsible for any legal matters surrounding your licence we’ll make sure you have the right person in place and that the correct paperwork has been submitted.

Post application support

After your application has been considered and your licence issued, Goods Vehicle Licensing will help you to register for online self-service with the Traffic Area Network. We can also place a freelance traffic manager in compliance with your TM1 application, and are here to provide ongoing advice and assistance.the Standard National Operators Licence.

Please note: Our fixed fee package does not include application and licence fees payable to the Traffic Commission, or the costs of your mandatory public notice.

Apply for a Standard National Operators Licence

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