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Transport Manager Placements
Freelance and External Transport Managers for Operator’s Licence Holders

The easiest way to lose your operator’s licence? Fail to hire a transport manager. Not only will you have wasted the time, trouble and expense invested in the application process, you’ve jeopardised your ability to do business

As part of the conditions of your standard national or international operator’s licence, your company needs to employ a professionally competent person to manage your transport operations. But that doesn’t mean you need to pay the wages for a full-time internal transport manager to manage your small or medium-sized fleet.

Save money and meet your obligations by hiring a freelance transport manager from Transport Audits. A Certificate of Professional Competence holding transport manager who can help you to manage your fleet and fulfill your licence obligations. All the professional input you need at a fraction of the cost of employing a full-time staff member.

External CPC Transport Managers for O Licence Holders

We operate a clear pricing structure for freelance transport manager placements, based on your Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS):

Green Operators (Monthly Fees)
First vehicle: £350
Each additional vehicle: £100

Amber Operators (Monthly Fees)
First vehicle: £500
Each additional vehicle: £150

Acceptance is subject to a full DVSA compliance audit, as detailed on our auditing page. Additional auditing fees may apply.

Red Operators (Monthly Fees)
For red operators, prices and terms are available on application – contact us for details.

All monthly fees are available on flexible term contracts.

Transport Managers for Restricted Operator Licence Holders

If you only hold a restricted O licence, it is not compulsory for you to have a transport manager in place. However, your company will still be subject to the same regulations as holders of standard national and international licences.

To make sure you’re always compliant and stay the right side of important regulations we offer a dedicated consultancy support service. An external CPC administration system for vehicles and drivers including expert advice on operating your business to the Transport Commissioner’s rules and guidelines. Options too on tachograph analysis and reporting.

The simplest and safest way for restricted O licence holders to maintain their licences prices are as follows, based on an initial three month contract:

Restricted Licence Holders (Monthly Fees)

First vehicle: £75
Each additional vehicle: £75 Minimum billing applies