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Public Inquiry Representation
Public Inquiry Representation
Don’t Delay – Make Sure You’re Expertly Prepared for Proceedings

Have you been called to a public inquiry? Then you need to move fast. First things first, call us now on 0800 998 9127. The sooner you act the sooner we can begin to prepare your response.

Whether the inquiry relates to an existing licence or your new application, the more time our experts have to study the inquiry, examine the issues and help you plan a response – the better the outcome will be. Guaranteed.

Typically, your inquiry will be based on one of the four following infringement codes. Any of these look familiar?

GV – S26 – Consideration of disciplinary action under Section 26
GV – S27 – Consideration of disciplinary action under Section 27
GV – S28 – Consideration of disciplinary action under Section 28
GV – Sch.3 – Consideration of Transport Managers Repute under Schedule 3

We’ve dealt with them all.

And because we’re expert, and because we’re experienced, whatever the issue, whatever infringement code, we’re here to help you present your defence to maximum effect.

That along with a conciliatory tone and a real commitment to meeting the Transport Commissioner’s legislative guidelines can go a long way.

As your representative we’ll help you prepare all supporting statements and evidence.

Whatever it takes to give you the best possible chances of a favourable outcome.

Your business, your livelihood, your lifestyle, is too important to take risks with. Don’t.

Do contact us and do take advantage of our many years of public inquiry experience.

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