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Placement Opportunities for Transport Managers
Are You a CPC Transport Manager? Get in Touch!

Every transport company requires an O licence, and every O licence holder needs a professional, reliable transport manager.

You perhaps.

At Transport Audits we’re always looking for experienced and qualified CPC transport managers to place with customers on a freelance basis.

Call now on 0800 998 9127. We’d love to talk with you.

And it’s not only qualified managers that we’re after. We’re looking for experienced professionals too.

Got the skills? Got the experience? Got the attitude to join our team? Great.

If you’ve worked in the transport industry over an extended period of time and want to share your knowledge with our clients then do please get in touch. Call now on 0800 998 9126. Qualifications are no obstacle.

Join the Transport Audit Team

We are constantly on the lookout for new talent to add to our expanding team. As a nationwide service provider, we have enquiries from all over the country – exciting opportunities for transport managers all across the UK.

A Certificate of Professional Competence holder? A time-served transport professional?

Contact us today for an informal discussion to see what opportunities we have in your area.