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International Operators Licence
Licence for International Haulage and Transport Companies

If your company operates across the UK and the EU, and you carry third party goods and products, then you need an international operator’s licence.

With an international operator’s licence, you are free to carry your own goods and equipment, and any third party goods, throughout the UK and the EU.

In short: An O licence that allows you to operate on a hire and reward basis throughout Europe.

Who Uses an International Operator’s Licence?

Any haulage or delivery company that transports third party goods to customers in the UK or on the European mainland requires this O licence. You will also need to demonstrate that you employ an internal or freelance transport manager tasked with overseeing your international compliance.

Apply Now – Fixed Fee O Licence Application Package for Just £299

If you provide an international service, don’t take chances. Do call us. We’ll help you get it right the very first time. A simple £299 fixed fee package – peace of mind and your licence delivered as one.

This is what we’ll give you:

An in-depth, completely confidential consultation

Before we begin your application, one of our experts will discuss the responsibilities and requirements of owning an international operator’s licence. This will include a confidential discussion about ownership and management, bankruptcies and prosecutions (as required by the Traffic Commission).
We’ll also cover important matters such as VAT taxation and the relevant EU/UK cabotage legislation. We can advise you too on whether or not you require an external traffic manager.

Completion of the GV79 application form

To apply for your international O licence, you’ll need a completed GV79 form and supporting documents. We’ll complete complete and check this form, and provide you with all the legally required paperwork including public notices, consent letters and maintenance agreements.

Completion of the TM1 application form

It’s a legal requirement that any company operating with an international operator’s licence employs an internal or external nationally qualified transport manager. That needn’t be as difficult or expensive as it sounds. We can provide you with an external transport manager if necessary, and also ensure that the TM1 application form has been completed. Responsible for all legal matters surrounding your licence, we’ll make certain that you have an access to a professional you can trust.

Post application support

Once you have got your licence, we will help you to register for online self-service with the Traffic Area Network. We’ll also place a freelance transport manager with your company if required.

Please note: Our fixed fee package does not include application and licence fees payable to the Traffic Commission, or the costs of your mandatory public notice.

Apply for a International Operators Licence

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