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Operator Licence Audit & Compliance
Hand on Heart, Is Your Business Compliant?

Obtaining your O licence is just the beginning of your compliance commitment. With the Office of the Traffic Commissioner keeping a continual and close eye on your business to ensure that you meet their requirements it’s vital that everything is kept in order. Fail to comply with legislation, and your licence could be at risk.

And if you lose your licence, well… you may lose you business too, forced to stop trading until you can regain it.

We’ll stop that happening with professional auditing and compliance services that make sure you don’t risk your licence. Or your livelihood.

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Our auditing service includes:

  • Full examinations of your current inspection and maintenance framework
  • Full reviews of inspection frequencies based on vehicle activity and mileage
  • Driver procedure and reporting analysis
  • Driver licence and CPC checking
  • Disciplinary framework and record review
  • Vehicle authorisation and operating centre checks
  • DVSA self-service instruction, reviews and updates
  • Advice on the likely regularity of follow-up audits

In short – Traffic Commissioner compliance, peace of mind and valuable information to help you plan for the future.

The DVSA Will Visit. Be Prepared!

If you’ve recently been issued with an operator’s licence, or you have been issued with a fixed-penalty notice, the DVSA’s regional enforcement teams have every right to visit you.

And they will.

The DVSA’s regional inspectors will carry out mandatory inspections to make sure you are compliant with their licensing rules and guidelines. They will check to make sure that you have compliance procedures in place, they will ask for evidence that these procedures are being carried out properly, and they will expect you to follow their rules.

And follow their rules you must. If you don’t? Then the Traffic Commissioner will be informed and a public inquiry could be ordered. Failure to demonstrate the correct level of compliance at this inquiry and you will be punished with one or more of the following potentially business ruining actions: public inquiry information

  • Extra conditions on your licence
  • Reduction in the number of vehicles/trailers you can operate
  • Damage to your company reputation
  • Disqualification of company directors
  • Regular DVSA site visits

Don’t risk it. Make sure you are inspection ready with a Transport Audit.

Ensuring That You Keep the Licences You’ve Obtained

Our auditors will check your current framework and procedures, before providing a full written report that can be used as evidence if the DVSA or Traffic Commissioner investigate your licence. We can also run mock DVSA spot-checks to prepare you for visits.

Concerned about compliance? Some questions to consider.

Record Keeping
  1. Do you have all of the documentation that the DVSA will require? Documentation for all of your vehicles?
  2. Are these documents kept safe in a dedicated vehicle file?
  1. Are your vehicles regularly inspected, at the intervals set by your licence?
  2. Do your drivers perform walk around checks at the start of each day?
  3. Are defects and damage reported to your repair agent? Are they signed this off?
  4. Do you keep accurate records of these checks?
Tachograph Analysis
  1. Do you analyse your analogue or digital tachograph data on a monthly basis?
  2. Are your drivers notified of any tachograph infringements in writing?
  3. Are tachograph calibration certificates on file for each tachograph?
  4. Are your drivers aware of drivers’ hours rules? Have they been trained in proper tachograph usage?
  5. Do you keep accurate records of the above?
Forward Planning
  1. Do you have a maintenance forward planning system in place?
  2. Do you schedule all vehicle maintenance events at least six months in advance?

Answer ‘no’ to any of the above questions above and your compliance may well be compromised.
Don’t take chances. Do contact us today for more information or to arrange your audit.

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