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The Traffic Commissioners - Why you need our Public Inquiry Defence Team - Transport Audits

The Traffic Commissioners – Why you need our Public Inquiry Defence Team

Public Inquiry Representation for Operator Licence holders, Transport Managers, and Drivers.

All you need. All the way.

Your Public Inquiry Defence Team – what we do for you.

First things first … we’ll listen. We’ll establish a crystal clear understanding of your situation and why you are facing a VOSA public enquiry.

Then we’ll visit you. We’ll evaluate your operating centre, we’ll take a detailed look at your case, work out what needs to be done and guide you through an action plan, step by step.

Of course there will be work to do; improvements, after all, something will have triggered the Public Inquiry. Whatever it is – we’ll help you get it sorted.

Public Inquiry Representation and Compliance

Perhaps most important of all, we will help you to build solid compliance systems. Systems designed meet, to exceed even, your Operator Licence conditions. Compliance systems to satisfy the Public Inquiry Traffic Commissioner and keep them satisfied.

Why do we work so hard on your compliance? Because compliance is everything. Without a rock solid setup you’re staring down the barrel. Crippling curtailment sanctions at best, or at worst, the loss of your Operator Licence. The loss of your livelihood.

It’s a simple equation – the harder you work on compliance, the more chance you have of avoiding sanctions.

We’ll put together your team, the right Transport Manager, the right system auditors, the right experience to make sure that the promises we make the Commissioner are met in full.

Act Now

But don’t delay. Time is the enemy. Don’t leave it another minute. Call now on 0800 998 9126 or fill in the simple callback form at the side of the page.

We’ll get straight back to you with free, impartial and strictly confidential advice and guidance.

Everything you need to know. Everything you need to do. Everything to protect your Operator Licence and livelihood.

Why you should use Public Inquiry Representation

Because we know the transport industry like the back of our hand. Because we’re discreet. Because we’re confidential. Because we’re fixers.

Traffic Commissioner Public Inquiry – Problem Solvers

We’ve grown up in transport. It’s in our blood. Former Traffic Examiners and Police Officers we understand how the Traffic Commissioner thinks, we’ve been there, we’ve done it. We know what they want and we know how you can satisfy them. We talk their language.

Our systems, our rigour, our paperwork, our advice – it’s proven and it works.

Before, during and after the inquiry, we’re at your side helping you identify, meet and maintain your responsibilities and your reputation. Your licence too.

Public Inquiry Experience AND Expertise

Many of our team are members of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. Professionally qualified, certified, credible and vastly experienced. A powerful combination of real world, hands on experience that the Traffic Commissioner needs to see. It gives you a fighting chance.

Public Inquiry defence that could well be the difference between you keeping your licence – or having it taken from you.

That’s why so many law firms and barristers call on us for expert-witness statements. Because we have the skills, industry knowledge and extensive contacts that together give the strongest legal support, the best value for money and the very best chance of success.

Don’t Take Chances in Your Traffic Commissioner Public Inquiry

Don’t take chances with your Operator Licence.

Do call us. Now.

Call 0800 998 9126 or visit to discover more.

We’ll get straight back to you.