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New Low Cost Public Notices for Goods Vehicle Operators

Niche-market advertising agency Newspaper Advertising Limited has launched a new low cost, error free, legal and public notices preparation and placement service for UK goods vehicle operators.

At anything between £150 and £1000 each placing legal notices can be extremely expensive. Especially expensive if you get the wording wrong and have to re-submit.

Says NAL owner Simon Shekyls, “If the Traffic Commissioner spots an error in your public notice they’ll insist you place it again. Mistakes can get really, really expensive. I have a client who made just a small operating centre address error and was forced to spend ANOTHER £969.12+vat to re-submit the corrected notice to his local paper.”

The new service available at combines industry expertise and collective purchasing power to drive down the cost and time in preparing public notices for new operator licence applications and variations. It includes what NAL calls a ‘triple guarantee’ – the lowest prices, the right wording and quick submission to the right publications.

Says fleet owner James Wilson, “We prepared our own public notice using a government template. Though we checked it as best we could it still had mistakes when we submitted it. We wasted a small fortune what with the £257 application fee and the press notice because we had to do them both again. It would have been so much easier and cheaper if we’d got it right first time.”

Says Simon, “One call is all it takes to ensure a correctly worded public notice, in a qualifying publication, at the right time, and at the lowest possible price.