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Vehicle Defects – a DVSA updated guide

A vehicle defect reference guide used by DVSA enforcement examiners and Police Officers it provides guidance on the action to take when roadworthiness defects are found during vehicle inspections.

The recently updated DVSA Categorisation of Defects guide can be found here

It is recommend that vehicle owners, operators and drivers use the guide to become more aware of DVSA’s inspection standards. The guide is a good indicator to the defects mostly likely to be identified and sanctioned during roadside checks.

Familiarising yourself with the guide will help you to ensure your vehicles are used in a safe condition and minimise the risk of being issued a PG9 Roadside Vehicle Prohibition Notice.

Any type of penalty or sanction will be recorded against your OCRS (Operator Compliance Risk Score). For more information about PG9 Prohibition Notices visit

If you have concerns about the roadworthiness of your vehicles or wish to have a confidential discussion about how best to rectify issues before enforcement action is taken against you, simply call 0800 998 9126.